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Historical and geographical conditions of Arab

Historical and geographical conditions of Arab

Under its historical and geographical conditions, Arabia is hidden in many things and a great history, together with the discussion in which we will see many things and present to you, in which the types of Arabs, the meaning of Arabs, ancient history. And other things are included

Literal meaning of Arab

The meaning of the word Arab is to communicate with eloquence and eloquence, and the Arabs were very proud of their eloquence and eloquence, so they call themselves Arabs and other nations dumb. Some historians believe that the Arabs are actually Arbata, which I called desert desert, which is a large part of the Arab country consists of desert and desert, so the whole country is called Arab.

Anciant history

Arabia is a very ancient country; its history is very old; a Greek is black; Herodotus visited this country before Jesus (peace be upon him); he described the conditions of the Arabs in detail; and the students of Socrates also mentioned it in their writings. But the real history is revealed in the Holy Qur’an: the Kaaba is located in this area. Hazrat Adam and Eve met at the place where Arafat is now, which has been the center of the Prophets.

Types of Arab

After the flood of Hazrat Noah (peace be upon him), when the world began to be populated, there was a son named Sam who settled in Arabia; therefore, Arab is one of his descendants. The three most famous types are Arab-e-baida, Arb-e-Arba, and Arb-e-Mustarbah.

  • Arab-e-baida

This type of Arab is the most ancient; these people were destroyed by the historical revolution; no traces and traces of their generation remained; these tribes and nations were destroyed and destroyed. Remembered by the name of Bayda, their famous tribes were Aad Thamud, Alaqa, Uma Laqah, Quwa Sim, Jadals, Amim, and Jarim. As mentioned, some traces of them are also found in the Torah, but more light has been shed on their conditions by the Holy Quran. i.e., the punishment of their destruction and destruction during the reign of Thamud is mentioned in the Quran and Hadith, from Iraq to Syria and Egypt. The governments were established, whose famous names are Babylon and Assyria. These people were the founders of ancient Arab civilization, Kabul, Egypt, Yemen, and Iraq. Some information is being obtained from the excavation of ancient monuments, and books are also being written about them.

  • Arb-e-Arba

Arabah means the original Arab, so these people are the original inhabitants of Arabia. They were settled in Yemen. Their other name is Qahtan. Their famous tribes are Hamir Kahlan and Azd. Great kings have passed away. They were the people who laid the foundations of the wonderful civilizations of Zaman and Hamid, especially in the irrigation system.

The biggest dam used to irrigate was the dam in the city of Marib. This happened between three mountains. The water from the springs of these mountains used to collect here. Among the famous tribes of the Arabs are the Hamir and Azd tribes, among many others. There are branches; they built forts in this area; they built deserts.

They planted oases; these tribes established the government in Saba. Queen was Bilqis then Hazrat Suleiman R.A invited Islam. And she along with her people, became Muslims and Queen Bilqis. This information is also mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Among the kings of the tribe of Azad, Salaba came to Madinah with his tribe, defeated the families of Bani Israel, and settled here. The two famous tribes of Medina, Aus and Khazraj, are among his descendants.

  • Arb-e-Mustarbah

The meaning of Mastaraba is those who moved to the Arab region and made their homeland. These people were the real founders of the Arab country, who by the command of Allah, Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) brought his beloved son Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon him) and his wife Hazrat Hajirah (peace be upon him) to Makkah. Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon him) had Hebrew as his language.

When the people of the tribe of Jarham settled near him. He also learned Arabic from them. 12 sons were born to them, and their descendants continued to rule over the whole of Arabia. Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon him) built the Kaaba and installed the black stone. Known as Aya, his original homeland is Makkah, his son’s name is Maad, and grandson’s name is Nizaz. Fahir bin Malik was born in the famous tribe of Rabiyyah and Muzdar Hay Muzdar Shah Kinana. They were known by the title of Quraysh. There were 10 branches of this family. Banu Hashim Banu Umayyah is famously related to Banu Hashim. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) belonged to Banu Hashim.

Modern Arab

Modern arab


Before Islam, the entire Arab world was immersed in the darkness of ignorance and misguidance. With the help of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), it became the center of light and guidance and the bearer of civilization.

The mountains and barren areas included the abode of Arabs and poverty. The food was nomadic; and it was the era of rural life. Nature enriched this desert with deposits of minerals, oil, gold, and silver. Good roads, friendly buildings, a high standard of living, numerous institutions of all kinds of worldly comforts, and factories are being set up. There is no sign of poverty and especially Makkah and Madinah are two such holy and blessed places. No one on earth can compete with this. Saudi Arabia now hosts the Muslims of the whole world and provides financial and political assistance to many Islamic countries, and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have deep relations.

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