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Home Islamic information Seerah of Hazrat Ali R.A. (Part 1)

Seerah of Hazrat Ali R.A. (Part 1)

Seerah of Hazrat Ali R.A. (Part 1)

Name and genealogy

Ali bin Abi Talib bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abd Manaf bin Qasa bin Qalab bin Marah bin Ka’b bin Lui bin Ghalib. Khatam-ul-Nabieen Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) addressed you by the surname of Abu Al-Hasan Abu Turab. The name of your mother, Majda, was Fatima bin Asad bin Hashim. She was the first Hashmi who joined the Hashmi family, converted to Islam, and migrated. Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) was the cousin of Hazrat Muhammad (may peace be upon him), and his son-in-law was also the husband of Hazrat Fatima bint Khatam-ul-Nabieen.

First, accept Islam.

Hazrat Ali (RA) was under the guardianship of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from his childhood. Therefore, from the beginning to the end, the Prophets were blessed with the morals and training of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). When Khatam-ul-Nabieen Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) ascended to prophethood, he (peace be upon him) started preaching from his family. He invited his family to a feast and said, “I present before you the blessings of this world and the hereafter. Who is there to support me?” Hazrat Ali stood up and said, “Although I am the youngest in age, my legs are also weak, but I will support you.” So on that day, Hazrat Ali (RA) was the first among the children and Bani Hashim to introduce Islam.

Firm Opinion

Hazrat Ali (RA) was directly blessed with the grace of prophethood. Nature had blessed him with much intelligence and understanding. Salim was a good-natured and good-natured person. There was so much independence and self-confidence in the mood. When he had formed an opinion on an issue, he would stick to it through sheer force of will. Face the most difficult situations with a smile on your face. As soon as he took over the caliphate, he had to face the most difficult situations, but he, may Allah be pleased with him, continued to try to improve the situation throughout his life; even at home, he never lost courage.

Eloquence in speech

Hazrat Ali (RA) was very famous for his eloquence and eloquence. Art was the king of speeches and speeches. You, may Allah be pleased with you, used to change people’s minds and thoughts very quickly with your strong speeches and magical speeches. When he used to talk about a problem, his arguments were so abundant and so strong that he would not only force people to change them, but people would agree with his opinion and advice. It was a masterpiece of eloquence.

Knowledge and wisdom

Hazrat Ali (RA) spent more or less 30 years in the company of the Prophet. That is why you were the Hafiz of the Qur’an. He was fully aware of the revelation of the glory of every verse and the meaning of the Qur’an. As if you were an interpreter of the Qur’an. You had enough reach on Ijtihad issues. Due to Taftah Fai-ud-Din, during the Caliphate of the three Caliphs, they were assigned to decide cases. Often, the companions used to turn to you to understand the problems of religion. He, may God be pleased with him, was also knowledgeable in his duties and inheritance.

Trust Worthiness

Because he was under the tutelage of Khatam Nabi Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), he was perfect in knowledge and grace. Thus, you were a figure of trust and honesty. On the night of Hijrah, Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) made you the trustee of his trusts. You never took more than your rights and needs, even in the conditions of extreme hardship.

On a cold night, he was shivering because he was wearing an ordinary cloak. A person said that you, may Allah be pleased with you, and your family members also have the right to be part of the Amirul Momineen. Baitul Mal, why do you bear so much hardship? May Allah be pleased with you. replied because I do not want to reduce your share.


1st part bravery of Hazrat Ali

Courage, bravery, and courage were prominent attributes of his. This is the reason why he was remembered as Asad Ghalib (the conqueror, the lion of Allah). Young manhood and bravery were prominent features of Ap Razi. No one was your rival. The history of Islamic conquests from the Battle of Badr to the martyrdom of Aap Radi Allahu Taala Anhu bears witness that Aap Radi Allahu Taala Anhu was really Asadullah Ghalib. In the Battle of Badr, you, may Allah be pleased with you, killed Waleed in his attack. Killed the leader of the infidels in the Battle of Uhud. In Ghazwa Khandaq, the famous brave soldier of Arabia, Abudu, was sent to hell. Like Merhab, the Arab wrestler accepted the challenge. Therefore, the observers of Islam were considered among the generals. Surely your name will be bright in the history of courage and bravery.

Life Style

Even though the Caliph is a Muslim, his lifestyle sets an exemplary example. He lived the life of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the three caliphs before him. Your lifestyle, food, and clothes were very simple and ordinary. There were no maids or servants in the house. Hazrat Fatima used to grind the mill with her own hands. There was no fire in the house for many days. All the family used to thank God by eating dry food. You, may Allah be pleased with you, often used to say:

Translation: "The world is a dead thing, and those who seek it are like dogs."


Hazrat Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, was the place where Khatam-ul-Nabieen Hazrat Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, provided a wealth of generosity. Not only you, may Allah be pleased with you, but all the family members had their own attributes. Whatever he got, he used to spend it in the way of Allah, and he felt extremely happy. Sometimes it used to happen and on the other hand the questioner stayed hungry all night after seeing the question box. No questioner ever returned empty-handed from your house.

Ete-Kareem Translation: “They feed the poor, orphans, and prisoners for the love of Allah.”

It was revealed in the same kind of incident as yours.

Treatment with enemies

Forgiveness and good behavior towards his old friend and enemy are very prominent qualities and high attributes of Anna Ap. The ranking is clear from the following examples:

  1. On one occasion, the Prophet (RA) overcame his opponent, and the unbeliever who was sitting on his chest spat on the face of the Prophet (RA) in order to save his life. He got off and also forgave him. After seeing this great character, the infidel became a Muslim.
  2. In another place, the opponent of you (RA) became completely naked in front of your opponent (RA), and you (RA) left him and separated completely so that the enemy rival would not regret it.
  3. In the Battle of Jamal, it was announced that horses should not run over the wounded, and those who run away from the battlefield should not be pursued.

Writing revelation

Hazrat Ali knew how to read and write from the beginning. Some other confidants and companions of knowledge and grace were special scribes. You, may God be pleased with you, used to perform the sacred and blessed work of writing the Book of Revelation. Apart from this, he used to write letters and decrees to the kings and princes of different countries. On the occasion of the Peace of Hudaybiyah, the text of the Treaty of Hudaybiyah was written by the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, with his blessed hand.

The martyrdom of Hazrat Ali R.A.

In 40 Hijri, the great incident of the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA) took place. Ibn Muljum and Shabib bin Bajra were hiding in the passage of Ali (Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu), and when they came out for the Fajr prayer, they both attacked. Hazrat Ali (RA) was wounded by a poisoned dagger. Therefore, it spread throughout the body, including the skin, and the condition started to deteriorate. He called Hazrat Imam Hasan and Hussain (RA) and Muhammad Bin Hanafia and gave wishes for mutual unity and agreement and good and blessings in the religion and the world. On the third day of his injury, he died on the 20th night of Ramadan, one Saturday, 40 Hijri.

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